For 8 weeks we are going to run a programme that will completely change the lives of local people and will see the champion handed £250 in cash!

  • Here is what you will get
  • 8 Weeks of Training with us!!
  • Unlimited classes (& Additional Biggest Loser Only Specific Classes)
  • Nutritional Information & daily target
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Fun games with chances to win FREE Personal Training sessions
  • Online Support
  • Suitable for all ability levels, but best suited to those with more than 1st to lose


YOU CAN GET 50% OF YOUR MONEY BACK – simply meet the following challenges!!!
1) If you attend 3 Ignite sessions each week. These can be timetabled classes, specific Biggest Loser classes, group/individual PT sessions. You are welcome to attend more than that.
2) If walk at LEAST 10,000 steps every day & report this to our Biggest Loser coaches
3) If you report your nutrition progress every day to our Biggest Loser coaches
4) If you Weigh in each week & on the final night


The challenge starts on Friday 4th March with a Biggest Loser Workshop where we will take your body assessment (taken by a Biggest Loser coach) and cover all aspects of the programme.

Non-Members – £120 for the 8 weeks…but 50% returned if you complete the challenge!
Members – £50 for the 8 weeks…but 50% returned if you complete the challenge!