Beat the stress away with some boxing drills and shape the body with a range of explosive movements and muscle sculpting exercises. This class is loads of fun and suitable for everyone from the athlete boxer to the beginner exerciser.

  • Best for: De-stressing

  • Tuesdays: 9am & 6pm

Body Conditioning

A combination of resistance training and high intensity interval bursts. High intensity workouts mean more work done in less time, it’s not easy, but the results are worth it! This class will be sure to get you sweating.

  • Best for: Releasing Endorphins

  • Wednesday: 9.30am

Body Blitz

Designed to give full body toning and aerobic experience! It will help improve your core strength plus tone and shape whilst burning calories. Benefits include: Increased stamina and endurance; Increased energy levels; Improved flexibility.

  • Best for: A great calorie burner

  • Wednesday: 7pm


Crunch, twist, raise and balance your way to a tighter tummy. This class will help you learn to engage the right muscles to strengthen your abdominals and protect your lower back. A strong core is good for everyone and this is the best place to get one.

  • Best for: Tightening the mid-section

  • Monday: 7.35pm


Get a fitter, stronger body with this fun workout! The kettlebells offer a unique approach to training that allows you to use your entire body on some exercises. This means you get your heart rate up while you tone the muscle.

  • Best for: Improving power & burning fat

  • Friday: 5.30pm

Legs, Bums and Tums

This traditional fitness class is ideal for anyone wanting to shape their mid-section and legs. Squats, lunges and crunches will be involved, alongside some aerobic cardio exercise so you can increase your fitness while you shape your body!

  • Best for: Toning legs & getting fitter

  • Tuesday: 7pm & Friday: 9.30am


Strengthen and Tone your whole body with this low-impact, weights based class. Follow the instructor to tackle legs, chest, back, arms and core in every class. You can select a heavy weight or a light weight so it’s great for beginners too!

  • Best for: Shaping & Toning Muscle

  • Monday: 6.30pm; Wednesday: 6pm; Thursday:7pm & Saturday: 9am


Get the endorphins flowing with this high paced cardio workout! The music guides the way, from fast sprints to slow climbs and the instructor will keep you motivated to the end of the class. Expect to burn over 500 calories in under 45 minutes.

  • Best for: Improving cardiovascular fitness

  • Monday: 9.30am & 5.30pm; Tuesday: 10.30am & 6pm; Wednesday: 10.30am & 5.10pm; Friday: 10.30am;  Saturday: 9am & Sunday: 9.30am

Beginners Spin

This class is perfect if you are new to group exercise classes, we will look after you and make sure your bike is set up perfectly and give you frequent reminders to take things a little easier if you need to, though you can still push really hard if you feel up to it! (Regular members also welcome.)

  • Best for: Beginners wanting to try something new

  • Monday: 6.30pm; Tuesday: 7pm & Thursday 7pm

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